1442588994_calendar Golden Hops- May 2017

BelgiBeer publishes its own magazine: Golden Hops. The magazine is edited in three languages, French, Dutch and English. It describes brewers’ life from all around the world, together with recipes, cultural activities and much more. The magazine is distributed worldwide with BelgiBeer boxes, AMP, SIB, and to all food and beverages establishments in Belgium.


1442588994_calendar Belgibeer Website- April 2017

Beta Version of the BelgiBeer website online. New improved design, SEO friendly, new functionalities, new offers and much more! Alpha version will strongly be focused on retention rather than acquisition.

BelgiBeer site

1442588994_calendar New Logo for BelgiBeer- January 2017

BelgiBeer has a new logo. The team is moving away from a simple e-commerce and wishes to become a reference in the beer industry.


1442588994_calendar Belgibeer Site – December 2016

Belgibeer publishes an updated version for Christmas (Gamma Version)! A Beta Version to the site will be published along with new design in April 2017. Many thanks to our amazing people: Barry, Paul and Estha. This is going to be a HUGE SUCCESS!


1442588994_calendar Belgibeer Financing – November 2016

Belgibeer receives funding from EASI – a software company located in Nivelles, Belgium. Many thanks to Salvatore Curaba and Toni Turi. Let’s make Belgibeer a huge success with our new VISION !


1442588994_calendar The Warehouse – September 2016

Belgibeer launches its after-work event : The Warehouse.


1442588994_calendar Belgibeer Financing- September 2016

The region of Brussels inserts funding to promote Belgibeer’s expansion in Europe. Special thanks to Sandrine Evrard for her outstanding work!


1442588994_calendar Belgibeer.com Delta Version- July 2016.

Transitional website for Belgibeer (Delta version). Unfortunately this site despite costing 30K€ was useless. Mr. Wessel Kooyman a dutch man naturalized American, took our trust, money and nothing was accomplished. The site had no payment methods, no country selection even the images did not fit the screen nor was the site responsive AND it was not SEO responsive (major source of income). Belgibeer was travelling on a 50K-60K turnover per month and ended up selling nothing the first months thanks to this Wessel and his “company”. If you plan to use Mr. Kooyman services or its “company” Cole Street come and see us first. He may sound professional but a lot of people’s businesses have been messed by his work. Belgibeer seriously run the risk of bankruptcy. 12 people’s jobs were at risk- but a marvelous, courageous reaction from all of its staff allowed Belgibeer to fight back with the limited financial resources at our disposal.


1442588994_calendar Start in Brussels, New Web Page- April 2016



1442588994_calendar An expanding team – December 2015

The full team.


1442588994_calendar An investment by Mymicroinvest – October 2015

Cebudeco receives an investment by Mymicroinvest Finance S.A., a private equity firm. A crowd-funding campaign raised 66,100€. Under Belgian legal system Cebudeco changes juridical form and transitions from SPRL to S.A. (stock company) to welcome further investments. The headquarters of Cebudeco are moved to Rue de la Presse 4 – 1000 Brussels.




1442588994_calendar Another warehouse –  September 2015

Another expansion fully supported by the Port of Brussels with a brand new warehouse of 600m2. Special thanks to Mr. Geoffroy Drappier for making this new transition possible.


New warehouse

1442588994_calendar New Warehouse for Belgibeer – March 2015

Belgibeer moves to a new warehouse of 100m2 on the Port of Brussels.

IMG_1020 IMG_1021


1442588994_calendar Record Sale – December 2014

The year comes to an end and proves to be a profitable one for Cebudeco. Multiple staff are hired thanks to the excellent governmental programs and support from Actiris, Bruxelles Formation and Brussels region. Special thanks to Evelyne Lange, Gregory Moreaux and Stéphanie Sauvage.

Logo_actiris200x200 Bxlformation Régions-regios-FR-blanc


1442588994_calendar New Offices for the Start-in-Brussels team – September 2014

Cebudeco moves its administrative office Start-in-Brussels to popular high end Avenue Louise 367.


1442588994_calendar Port of Brussels – August 2014

Cebudeco sings a contract with the Port of Brussels. 40m2 of warehouse and 20m2 of offices are leased. The beer team is moving out into a new location: Avenue du Port 104 – 1000 Brussels.


1442588994_calendar Press – April 2014

First appearances in the press.

Flanders La capitale

1442588994_calendar RTBF – February 2014

Belgian national television takes an interest in Belgian Beer Discovery’s activities.



1442588994_calendar Employment – January 2014

With the high volumes of transactions and sales, Cebudeco hires its first employee and a van is purchased to meet the small company’s logistical needs.

1442588994_calendar Belgian Beer Discovery is online – October 2013

The e-commerce BelgianBeerDiscovery.com is finally on-line. It is the first of its kind with a very clear and fresh concept: a selection of beers straight from a brewery every month. Beer lovers can choose to buy the box of the month or make subscriptions for 3, 6 or 12 months. As soon as the website goes online, 30 sales are registered for October.


website ecommerceecommerce


1442588994_calendar Crisis – June 2013

Clients in Spain and Italy refuse to pay the last invoices.  First major incident to Cebudeco which suffers greatly in its treasury as well as in the relationships with certain beer producers. After an internal meeting, it is decided to launch another concept which will minimize the risk of default payment: a beer e-commerce.

1442588994_calendarNorway – May 2013

First exportation to a country outside the European Union. Belgibeer wins the state tender and ships many pallets of the Gypsy Rose from brewery Saint-Helene (Virton) to Oslo.  The beer hits the headlines in Norway.


gypsy rose

1442588994_calendarNew Year – January 2013

High hopes for 2013. The number of bars and restaurants continues to grow and exports to Spain and Italy seem to stabilize.

1442588994_calendarFirst major sale – December 2012

A first major sale of beer is accomplished in a known food and beverage establishment in Brussels. First major exports to Italy and Spain begin.

1442588994_calendarOnline 2 – June 2012

Start-in-Brussels goes online!



1442588994_calendarOnline – May 2012

Belgibeer.com is born and goes online. The platform is exclusively dedicated to the sale of Belgian beer to professionals in the alcohol sector.  The team starts making use of ASANA, DROPBOX and EFFICISE to manage tasks and get organised. Procedures are quickly introduced.




1442588994_calendarCounselling – April 2012

Dario and Paul hire an external consultant Stéphane de Baenst, who suggests to separate Cebudeco’s activities in two distinct areas: Belgian Beer Discovery (beer activity) and Start in Brussels (administrative support to foreign offices).




1442588994_calendarAn important player – March 2012

Paul Pilavachi joins the adventure and becomes a vital player to the company’s growth. Full of ideas and talent, Paul brings the project to a whole new level.


Paul (1)


1442588994_calendarThe journey begins! – December 2011

CEBUDECO is established by Dario and Michele Ceccarelli as a limited company SPRL with 18.600 € liberated as capital. Headquarters are established at Rue de la Charité 35, 1210 Brussels.



1442588994_calendarFreelancer – February 2011

Under Belgian laws, Dario becomes a freelancer and provides financial expertise to expats wishing to establish their company in Belgium. Dario also begins exporting Belgian beers to other countries. He decides to call his activities CEBUDECO as BUDECO is unfortunately registered by another company in the Netherlands.




1442588994_calendarTraining – March 2010

Dario begins management and business training while working as Project Administrator for Peace Brigades International (PBI). While working there, Dario realises the poor knowledge that international staff has on Belgian administration. He thinks there is a gap to be covered and decides to provide consultancy to small foreign offices on financial and administrative issues.




1442588994_calendarFrustration – October 2009

Dario Ceccarelli drives back from yet another bad interview process and decides to create a business of his own. Following training by the Belgian Technical Cooperation, he initially calls his activities BUDECO (BUsiness, DEvelopment and COoperation).


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